4 On 8 Dental Implants

The 4 On 8 Dental Treatment is a new revolutionary permanent dental restoration treatment designed by Dr. Moguel.

By permanently placing 4, solid zirconia bridges, we were able to divide your teeth into independent sections, each supported by two titanium dental implant posts that are screwed into your jawbone.

This treatment’s unique design allows for a faster restoration should any bridge become damaged, especially when teeth grinding is present.  

Thanks to the design of this new dental treatment, each bridge now can perform the same shewing functionality as our natural teeth do, and if one bridge underperforms, it does not compromise any of the other bridges.

These are not snap-on or dentures, these are permanent zirconia bridges.

4 On 8 Dental Treatment Couple

Main Advantages

4 On 8 Dental Treatment

16 Implant Posts

A total of 16 titanium implant posts provide more than enough support to effectively stabilize the zirconia bridges.

16 Implant 35 Years of Experience

Dr. Moguel has over 35 years of experience and has placed over 10,000 dental implants with over 3,000 full mouth treatments since 1992.


Our 4 on 8 Dental Implant treatment allows for an even distribution of the titanium posts in your jawbone.

Performed by Dr. Moguel

Dr. Moguel performs all of the dental implant treatments himself allowing him to guarantee the dental implant posts for life and the zirconia bridges for 15 years each!

8 Zirconia Bridges

Each bridge is supported by two titanium implant posts, allowing for superior support and stabilization.

Full Transparency

Both our contract and warranties are described clearly in writing for full transparency with the costs, payment options, and treatment process.

All Inclusive

Treatment Costs

$22,000 USD

Includes: Panoramic Xray, IV Sedation, Extractions, Periodontal Disease Treatment*, Bone Graft*, Sinus Lift*, Ozone Therapy, Laser Therapy, PRT Therapy, Airport Pickup/Drop off, Airbnb Room 4 Nights, and Food.

$500 USD Deposit

Book your appointment with a $500 USD deposit. This lock in your date and any special costs or discounts. You can reschedule as required.

Payment can be made through Zelle, Venmo or Credit Card payment over the phone.

70% Upfront

Pay only 70% upfront or $15,400 USD to complete 80% of the treatment during your first visit. You pay 30% minus your deposit 4-5 months later during your final visit.

You can pay with a personal check or credit card.

4 On 8 Illustration

Our 4 on 8 Dental Treatment consists of 4 individual, solid zirconia bridges.  Each is connected to two titanium implant posts.

Image for illustration purposes only.  Actual results may vary.

3 on 6 dental implants in mexico by dr moguel

Image for illustration purposes only.  Actual results may vary.

What is the 4 On 8 Dental Treatment?

The 4 on 8 dental treatment aims to use eight dental implants which are inserted in your jawbone so these implants are used to anchor four separate bridges to the jaw, thus providing a stable prosthesis for completely edentulous patients.

The 4 On 8 Dental Treatment outperforms treatment such as the all on 4, all on 6, all on 8 dental implant treatments by a large margin. 

These underperforming dental treatments utilize a single 14-tooth-based bridge connected to either 4, 6, or 8 titanium implant posts.

The main factor that makes these treatments inferior to our 4 on 8 is primarily due to the uniform chewing force applied to the entire bridge.  Therefore, making your front teeth receive the same chewing pressure as your molars do when you chew food.

Benefits of the4 On 8 Treatment

The 4 on 8 concept uses eight dental implants to support four separate bridges so that the patient’s mouth is divided into four segments, each segment can work independently so that the patient can maintain proper masticatory functions like natural teeth.

More natural design than other treatment options

Using the 4 on 8 concept allows equal distribution of the mastication force over the four separate bridges during chewing, while other options like all-on-4, and all-on-6 use a single overdenture which could result in uneven force distribution

Image for illustration purposes only.  Actual results may vary.


The 4 on 8 approach offers durable fixed bridges that could stay with the patient for so long as the biting forces are distributed over four separate bridges supported by eight dental implants so that no excessive forces could be exerted on the bone that might lead to bone resorption

Good option for your jawbone

The 4 on 8 concept allows less bone resorption as all stresses are exerted equally over the eight dental implants which can help the jawbone maintain good quality and density

Maximum safety

Using eight dental implants makes it possible to maintain proper function if an implant fails so other implants can provide enough stability for the restoration while losing one implant in other treatment options like all-on-4, all-on-6, and all-on-8 can compromise the whole procedure

Quick restoration 

This concept uses 4 separate bridges. So, these bridges can work independently if one bridge fails, thus providing a quick restoration for this bridge, while other bridges can remain in function, which can help all patients maintain proper function and esthetics.

All On 6 Dental Implants in Mexico

Is the 4 on 8 treatment suitable for you?

The 4 on 8 concept could be the best solution for patients having these specific criteria:

Patients with mild or no systemic diseases

Systemic diseases are one of the main concerns which could impact the dental implant procedure as patients with systemic diseases might have delayed wound healing or altered immune functions. So, patients seeking the 4 on 8 concept should have a stable health condition

Patients with adequate bone quality and density

The 4 on 8 concept could be the best solution for patients with adequate bone quality and density as the implant dentist inserts about eight dental implants to form an osseointegrated interface between implants and the surrounding bone to achieve high success rates


Heavy smokers could be contraindicated for the 4 on 8 processes as smoking could lead to poor oral hygiene and delayed healing so patients seeking the 4 on 8 processes should stay away from smoking

Good oral hygiene 

The 4 on 8 process requires good oral hygiene as the implant dentists insert about eight dental implants so bacteria could spread to the body of dental implants leading to their failure due to peri-implantitis and peri-implant mucositis

No ongoing periodontal (gum) diseases

Periodontal diseases could lead to the destruction of the jawbone which has a direct impact on the osteointegration (close bond formed between the implant and surrounding bone). The 4 on 8 approach requires sufficient bone to be successful. The presence or absence of periodontal diseases could be determined by proper clinical examination during the first visit

No excessive parafunctional habits 

Patients having parafunctional habits such as bruxism (patients having bruxism grind their teeth regularly) could be contraindicated for the 4 on 8 approach as these habits could increase the forces exerted on the dental implants leading to the procedure failure. Patients with parafunctional habits should be treated first before doing the 4 on 8 procedure

How does the 4 On 8 Treatment work?

1. Submit a Quote Request

The first step is to fill out our online form with your information so that we can have your details in our system.  You can fill out our online quote form here.

2. Appointment Date

Once you submit our quote form, you may contact us to discover the dates that we have available.  Once the date is selected, we will proceed with the security deposit to lock in your price, discounts, special offers, and of course your appointment.  

As a benefit of your security deposit, you may change your date once without incurring additional costs.

3. Security Deposit

Once the appointment date is chosen, we will proceed with the security deposit of $500 USD to lock in your appointment.  This security deposit will be paid over the phone or via an invoice with a debit or credit card.

You may also use Venmo or Zelle if you prefer. Note that there is a $16 USD processing fee.

4. Shuttle & Airbnb

Upon receipt of your security deposit, we will proceed with the shuttle and Airbnb arrangements to ensure that you understand how the transportation and Airbnb rooms work.

5. Eligibility 

Since 99% of patients are eligible for this new treatment, there is no need to send X-rays or have a consultation to determine eligibility.  However, X-rays do help discover if you have gum disease, periodontal disease, or if you need a sinus lift.

6. Treatment Details

This treatment requires 2, 4 full day visits.  Should you have periodontal or gum disease, or require a sinus lift, a total of 3 trips: 1st trip 4 days, 2nd trip 1 day, and final trip 4 days.

7. Interview

For the purposes of record-keeping and proof, Dr. Moguel will require that you take a set of panoramic X-rays.  This will show us the current condition of your mouth and how this affects your treatment.

With the x-ray you will learn if you have any type of issues that will increase or decrease the number of days required.

8. Payment

Once Dr. Moguel reviews your X-rays, and answers all of our concerns.  You will submit your payment for the initial 70% installment to being surgery.

The ideal payment method is a personal cheque payment made out to the Dr.  He will provide you his complete name as it should appear on the cheque.

9. IV Sedation

IV Sedation requires that you do not eat or drink anytime 8 hours prior to surgery. 

Upon completion of the preliminary work, as described in step 8, you will be introduced to our senior anesthesiologist, who will go over your medical questionnaire and initiate your IV Sedation process.

10. Surgery

Once the sedation process beings, Dr. Moguel will start with an oral examination of your mouth.  Then proceed with the extractions, which are meticulously performed to maintain the integrity of your jawbone.

Upon extraction of all of your teeth (as required), Dr. Moguel will proceed with the insertion of the titanium implant posts, which require a 3 step drilling process to ensure that the implant is secured and screwed into your jawbone with precision.

11. Post-Surgery

Once Dr. Moguel has completed the insertion of the dental implant posts, he will suture your gums.  You will be given an icepack to reduce the swelling, and taken to the laser therapy room.

Upon completion of the laser therapy, you will be given pain and antibiotic medicine and be taken to your Airbnb Room for you to rest.

12. Proceeding Days

The remaining 4 days will be spent designing and custom fitting your temporary dentures and performing laser therapy.

During this process, we will closely collaborate with the dental lab to create your acrylic dentures.

4 on 8 dental treatment

Image for illustration purposes only.  Actual results may vary.

Why Choose us for the 4 On 8 Treatment?


We always keep in consideration every single detail about the patient’s clinical situation especially if the patient suffers from a certain disease. We also try to avoid any complications that might occur during the dental implant surgery

A proper medical history is taken

A detailed medical history is taken on the first appointment including blood pressure and blood glucose levels measurements. All vital signs are monitored. All investigations that should be considered for the dental implant treatment are done by our specialists

Preoperative radiographic assessments

Preoperative radiographs are very important to evaluate the quality, density, and health of bone so the implant dentist could determine whether the patient is indicated for dental implant treatment or not. We also use recent technologies such as CT scans that enable our specialists to provide excellent work

 Stress reduction protocol 

Many elderly patients seeking the 4 on 8 approaches have systemic diseases that require special considerations before the surgery. For example, many patients suffer from cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension or angina pectoris. Stress which is related to dental visits can elevate levels of catecholamines, thus developing anginal attacks or raising the blood pressure.

We always keep the patient’s health condition in consideration so we can schedule early short appointments for these patients with proper sedation at the night before the surgery and profound anesthesia to reduce stress.

Before & After

Image for illustration purposes only.  Actual results may vary.

Dr.Moguel At Work

4 On 8 Dental Implants

Two Four-Day Trips are required to complete treatment.


A security deposit of $500 is required to lock in your price and secure your appointment. A 70% Installment is required to start treatment.  The remaining balance is paid on your second four-day visit 4-5 months later.  If you have periodontal disease, 3 trips may be required.

All-Inclusive 4 On 8 Dental Treatment Cost


4 On 8 Single Arche (Zirconia)
$11,000 USD
ALL-INCLUSIVE COST: Periodontal Disease Treatment, Airport Pickup/Drop Off, IV Sedation, Extractions, Platelet Rich Plasma, Sinus Lift (if required), Bone Graft (if required), Laser Gum Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Airbnb Room for 2 Nights, Special Diet Food (for patient) with Lifetime Warranty on Implants and 15 year warranty on bridges.

Temporary Dentures: Use for 4-5 Months. Includes:
- Top or Bottom Custom-Made Acrylic Dentures
- Protective & Moisturizing Case
- Dremel Tool for Adjusting
- Reline Kit

First Installment: $7,455 USD
Deposit: - $500 USD
Balance: $2,695 USD
4 On 8 Both Arches (Zirconia)
$22,000 USD
ALL-INCLUSIVE COST: Periodontal Disease Treatment, Airport Pickup/Drop Off, IV Sedation, Extractions, Platelet Rich Plasma, Sinus Lift (if required), Bone Graft (if required), Laser Gum Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Airbnb Room for 4 Nights, Special Diet Food (for patient) with Lifetime Warranty on Implants and 15 year warranty on bridges.

Temporary Dentures: Use for 4-5 Months. Includes:
- Top or Bottom Custom-Made Acrylic Dentures
- Protective & Moisturizing Case
- Dremel Tool for Adjusting
- Reline Kit

First Installment: $15,400 USD
Deposit: - $500 USD
Balance: $6,100 USD
No Hidden Fees. No Small Print. 
 Zirconia Vs Porcelain Bridges
Our Zirconia Bridges come with a Lifetime Warranty, while the porcelain ones offer a 5-year warranty.
The newest and most advanced material for dental bridges is zirconia, which is a stronger and more durable material than porcelain. The main benefit of zirconia over porcelain is that it can handle more biting pressure, back teeth grinding, and never chips or stains.
Ozone Therapy

Ozone kills those bacteria by oxidizing them while leaving our body’s own healthy bacteria alone. By utilizing ozone therapy when performing a dental implant procedure, we can ensure your mouth is kept infection-free for the longest time.

We do not process or accept direct credit card payments.

US Dollars
Business & Personal Checks
Bank Deposit
Must be done a day prior to your appointment. Applies for all in-person bank deposits.
Bank Wire
Must be done a day prior to your appointment.

Dr. Jose Moguel provides third-party financing options for patients that reside in the United States and that who’s credit rating will qualify.

Apply For Financing

Implant Failure

There is a risk that 4 On 8 dental implants can fail. This happens in about 1 percent of patients. It occurs when the implants do not fuse with the bone, primarily due to patients not waiting the required healing time, poor hygiene, or drinking alcohol.  Most of the time, this can be resolved with a new implant.

Reducing this risk is hard to do since the dentist, and researchers don’t always know why one implant fails, and others do not.  However, if the patient follows all care instructions before and after the dental implants procedure, it’s less likely to occur. This means maintaining good oral hygiene, eating soft foods, and avoiding smoking.

The Risk of Infection

Any type of surgery carries a risk of infection. Good dentists do everything necessary to minimize this risk. However, infections do occur for various reasons. One of the most common results is the existence of peri-implantitis, a type of infection.

Knowing the signs, like the following, is a good way to get the help you need:

  • The dental implants are loose or wobbly
  • Bad breath
  • A bad taste in the mouth
  • Gums that are puffy, red, and inflamed around the dental implants
  • Pus exists in the gums
  • Fever
  • Excessive bleeding while brushing

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