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Dental ImplantTreatments

By dental treatments we are referring particularly to full mouth dental implant treatments such as the All-On-4, All-On-6, 3-On-6 etc.

These popular dental implant treatments offer some advantages and disadvantages that dentists rarely want to disclose, since they continue to loose their effectiveness due to poor diets, smoking, tobacco shewing, and lack of proper treatment for “periodontal disease“, and bone recession.

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Dr. Moguel considers this treatment as the most unreliable and high maintenance dental implant treatment in existence.

At a glance, the all on 4 dental treatment offers a quick, cheap, and temporary full mouth dental implant restoration option.  

Cost & BenefitAnalysis

The All-On-4 Dental treatment is the most popular full mouth restoration dental treatment in the United States, and by default, the most sought after dental treatment in Mexico.

At a starting cost of $40,000 to $60,000 USD for full moth restoration ($120,00 USD in Alaska), this low cost dental treatment makes any other treatment cost-prohibitive for 99% of the population in the United States.


  • Least expensive dental treatment
  • Specialty not required
  • Experience not required
  • Available everywhere


The treatment itself does not demand a high skilled dental surgeon to be performed.  This dental treatment is often performed by inexperienced and unqualified general dentists in Turkey, Costa Rica, and Mexico by utilizing low quality materials to lower the costs.

Points of Failure:

  • Requires Ticker Fake Gum line
  • Uneven Shewing Force Applied to front implant posts
  • Cracking due to large gap between implant posts
  • Larger Implant Post Angle required
  • Only 4 Implant Posts per arch
  • Incorrect Implant Post Size
  • Bone to implant post integration
  • Lack of Proper Bone Restoration
  • Utilizes Generic Bone Grafting 99% of the time
  • Single Unit Bridge prone to cracking
  • Each bridge is cemented in and not screw retained
  • Requires frequent maintenance


The All-On-6 is just one step up from the All On 4.

The All-On-6 dental treatment was created to compensate for the lack of implant post support found in the all on four, which consist of over 95% of its failures.

With the addition of 2 more dental implant posts per arch, this treatment now offered improved support for the single unit bridge.  While it solved the primary flaw of the all on 4 dental treatment, it still kept some of the other failure points.


  • Better Bridge Support
  • Less Implant Post placement angle required
  • More Durable than the all on 4
  • Offers potential for thinner gum line

Cost & BenefitAnalysis

The All On 6 dental treatment does not offer any mayor advantages over the all on four dental treatment, as it only focused on a single point of failure and never addressed the other critical modifications required to make this dental treatment successful long term.

Treatment cost varies from $80,000 USD to $100,000 USD in the United States.  While in other countries the cost goes down to $17,000 USD to $19,000 USD.

Points of Failure:

  • Bridge cracks between the molar and premolar sections
  • Requires frequent maintenance
  • Uneven Shewing Force Applied to front implant posts
  • Incorrect Implant Post Size per location
  • Bone to implant post integration
  • Uses Generic Bone Grafting
  • Each bridge is cemented in and not screw retained


The 3-On-6 offers a major jump in improvements over the previous all on 4 and all on 6 dental treatments, thanks to the division of the bridges from a single one into 3 per arch.

By separating the single unit bridge found in the all on four and all on six dental treatments, each bridge can now receive the shewing force independently.

As a part of the inherent flaw of the single unit bridge, where when you bite with your molar section you create uneven shewing force across all the other dental implant posts.


  • Bridges work independently
  • Propensity to cracking reduced by 200%
  • Improved shewing force distribution
  • Less Implant Post placement angle required
  • More Durable than the all on 4
  • Less Maintenance Required
  • Faster and less expensive to repair

Cost & BenefitAnalysis

The 3 On 6 Dental treatment is the better alternative to the previous 2 dental treatments.  While it is not the least expensive option, it does offer better bridge support and stability not found in the All on 4, and All On 6.

This treatment does require an experienced dental surgeon to be performed properly, and its not the first option offered by most dentists in the United States or Mexico.  It demands the proper placement of implants with a reduced angle between the bridge and abutment connection to avoid the disconnect of the bridges in the future.

Points of Failure:

  • Insuficient implant screws
  • Uneven Shewing Force Applied to front implant posts
  • Incorrect Implant Post Size per location
  • Uses Generic Bone Grafting
  • Each bridge is cemented in and not screw retained
3 on 6 dental implants in mexico by dr moguel


La Creme de La Creme

The 3 On 8 Dental Treatment offers truly unprecedented benefits in bone density restoration, periodontal disease treatment, bone to implant integration improvement by 200% and much more.

The improvements in this dental treatment is not just with the addition of two dental implants per arch.

Most people compare it to the 3 on 6, since it still uses 3 independent bridges – but the benefits are greater due to the utilization proper sized dental implant screws, enhanced zirconia material, thinner gum line, and the zirconia bridges we design are screw-retained directly to the implant posts.

Cost & BenefitAnalysis

The 3 On 8 Treatment is a quantum leap in sophistication and durability.  Designed to last between 20 to 30 years, this is the dental implant treatment to rule them all.

Patented by Dr Jose Moguel and Salvador Frutos, this dental treatment was designed with over 35 years of experience and tested by dozens of patients.  It offers supreme full mouth restoration since it utilizes branded dental implant screws per Dr Moguel’s specifications with over 30 years of testing various options such as Nobel and Straumann, it also uses Dr Moguel’s branded zirconia material for your final teeth.

All inclusive Cost: $24,500 USD

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  • Proper Bone Density Restoration
  • Periodontal disease treatment (if required)
  • Utilizes the patient’s own teeth for bone graft
  • Utilizes 8 titanium implant screws per arch
  • Utilizes larger and thicker titanium screws in molar sections
  • Bone integration improved by 150%
  • Utilizes proper implant screw sizes across jawbone
  • Lesser Implant Post Angle placement
  • Dinamic titanium Abutments
  • Improved shewing force distribution
  • Thinner gum line
  • Improved zirconia material translucency for a natural look
  • Utilizes Ozone Therapy
  • Utilizes Platelet Rich Fibrin
  • Utilizes Platelet Rich Plasma
  • 1 Annual maintenance required for first 3 years
  • Lifetime warranty on dental implant posts
  • 60 year warranty on dental bridges
  • Offers “All-inclusive” cost
  • Faster and easier to repair
  • Screw-Retained directly into implant posts

Points of Failure:

  • Implants may fail if you smoke (even if its cannabis)
  • Some Implants may fail to integrate due to periodontal disease

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