Immediate   Loading of Teeth

What is Immediate Loading?

Immediate implant loading involves the placement of bridges or crown within 48 hours of implant placement – which consists of loading the implant screws and connecting a semi-permanent acrylic based denture or single crown during a single visit.

Semi Permanent Vs Permanent

It can be applied if sufficient primary stability is achieved.  A Semi permanent denture has to be lightweight, and this can only be achieved by using an Acrylic material, not porcelain or zirconia.  Both Zirconia and porcelain are heavier which causes unnecessary stress to the implants.

Non-Removable Denture

When appropriate, immediate implant placement and immediate implant loading offers option of getting non removable acrylic crowns, dentures or bridges.

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Immediate Implant & Teeth Loading

Immediate implants and denture loading does not always provide the option of reducing the number of visits, but mostly to get non-removable dentures during the implant screw healing period.

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For those patients that qualify and that understand the risks of immediate placement and immediate teeth/bridge(s) loading over recently implanted screws, this treatment offers an array of benefits, including a non-removable denture, bridge, or crown compared to temporary/removable acrylic based dentures.

One-stage Technique

With the option of semi-permanent dentures, you avoid the required “relining” process required to keep your removable temporary dentures in place.  This does not mean that you will get your permanent zirconia based teeth during a single visit.  

Failure Points

However, not every patient qualifies for immediately loading of implants and dentures.  The primary issue with this dental treatment option, consists of its inherent propensity of loosing implants due to the force being applied with the semi-permanent dentures, which are directly connected to the implants.

Same Day Dental Implants

The Risks

With many dentists offering this dental treatment option for everyone to attract more and more clients, most patients believe that they are candidates for this option.  Unfortunately this is not the case.


This dental treatment comes with its own risks associated with the loading of the dentures directly to the implant screws after they are placed in the jawbone without the proper healing time.  Ideally, you should allow for 3 months for the implant screws to integrate with your jawbone.

Why does it fail?

There are multiple reasons why this treatment fails, and dentists rarely discuss the risks associated with it.  The main failure point comes from the chewing force you apply to the semi-permanent teeth during the healing of the implants in your jawbone.

Possible Causes of Failure:

  • Insuficient jawbone density
  • Infection due to improper cleaning
    • Not following diet
    • Smoking
  • Too much force applied to bridges
    • You are eating solid foods during the 3-4 month period

The Process

The technique was developed in response to patients’ growing demand for quicker treatment and faster time-to-teeth.

Among the several long-term studies performed since then with 5-10 years’ follow-up, high cumulative survival rates, such as around 97% – 100% were reported for immediately loaded implants placed in extraction sites for any indication.

To avoid using removable temporary crowns, dentures, or bridges, the provisional teeth should be taken out of occlusion or the patient should be instructed to follow a soft diet.  With the immediate loading of teeth, you cannot utilize your full chewing force, as this will apply unnecessary pressure to the implants.  You will still have to come back 3-4 months later for us to load the permanent zirconia crowns, bridges, or dentures.

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Contact us with a copy of your xrays and Dr Moguel will let you know if you are a candidate for immediate loading.

Before & After

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