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If the anatomy of your jawbone allows it, you can gain a mayor cosmetic advantage with our ZERO gumline 3 On 8 Dental Treatment.

Am I a Candidate?

The first requirement, is that you do not suffer from periodontal disease, and that you do not remain more than 4 months without implants after any extractions have been performed.

Periodontal Disease & Extractions

Both periodontal disease and extended time from teeth extractions cause your bone to degrade, which is the main factor for not being eligible for our zero gumline treatment.

no gumline teeth

ZERO Gumline Treatment Eligibility


No Gumline patient mexico

One of our actual patient’s panoramic x-ray, clearly shows the amount of jawbone needed in order to be eligible for our ZERO Gumline dental treatment.  This patient does not suffer from periodontal disease and had all of his teeth extracted 3 months prior to our ZERO gumline treatment.


no gumline patient noqualify

Over 80% of patients suffer from the conditions shown in this panoramic x-ray which include, periodontal disease, extractions where done more than 3 years ago, bone recession took place as a result on top and bottom arches requiring the patient to undergo extensive bone grafting and sinus lift.


Bone Recession

A minimum of 8mm of jawbone space is absolutely required between the top of your jawbone and the nerve located inside your jawbone.  Some unscrupulous dentists take serious risks by using smaller implants in some jawbone sections, and as the bone degrades over time, the implant touches the nerve inside your jawbone causing patients with facial paralysis.

The xray shown here has more than 15 mm of space all across both arches of jawbone.

sinus lift surgery

Sinus LiftSurgery

Sinus Colapse

Patients that require even a single sinus lift membrane to be lifted, automatically do not qualify for our ZERO gumline dental treatment. 

The Cause

Although rare, sinus lift complications that can result in failure include: Bone graft material dislodges after blowing nose or sneezing. Infection (Sinusitis) Grafted area cannot develop a blood supply, meaning that existing bone and bone graft material cannot integrate.

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