Periodontal Disease

Having a periodontal disease not only impacts your oral health but stands as a barrier if you decided to go for dental implants. To get your dental implant placed safely and successfully, you should have good periodontal health with adequate bone quality & density.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal diseases are a group of oral diseases that affect soft & hard tissues supporting your teeth including bone, gingiva, and periodontal ligaments. They occur as a result of the accumulation of plaques over teeth, making it easy for bacteria to spread into the bone and other surrounding tissues.

Periodontal Disease

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Periodontal Disease

Mobile Teeth

When the bacteria destroy the periodontal ligaments & bone surrounding your teeth, the affected teeth become more mobile and liable for loss as they are not anchored well with your jawbone.

Recessed Gums

As a result of bone resorption, the gum is pulled away from its natural levels, so the patient loses the normal contour and shape of the gum, impacting the overall esthetics

Bone Resorption

If you have periodontal disease, it affects your jawbone quality & density as a result of bacterial spread and further destruction of the bone

Bad Breath

When pockets are formed, the patient might suffer from offensive odor & bad breath, which occurs due to the presence of pus formed in pockets as a result of bacterial spread into tissues. Having bad breath could impact the patient’s self-esteem while doing regular activities, especially for females.


It’s one of the most common signs associated with pockets and periodontal diseases, the patient can feel diffuse pain, meaning that he becomes unable to identify which tooth is the source of pain, and the pain increases while chewing foods


Sensitivity is known to be one of the most annoying signs as it alters the patient’s daily functions such as eating & drinking. In this case, sensitivity occurs as a result of root exposure following gum recession.


Extraction, Eradicate and Treat

Teeth Extraction

Periodontal disease depends on the available teeth to prograpate, therefore Dr Moguel starts by removing all of your teeth. Teeth extraction is meticulously performed as to avoid damaing your jawbone during extraction.


Dr. Moguel eliminates the propagation of peridontal disease by incorporating various methods to initial expose, scrape, and remove the disease directly from the jawbone.


Periodontal Disease is a genetical disease and will be with you forever, however you will have to maintain your mouth and teeth clean, even though these wll now be made out of zirconia.

Gum Recession: Soft tissue graft surgery. 3D illustration of Dental  treatment

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Moderate Cases With A Periodontal Disease

In this stage, some periodontal pockets could be seen. Dr. Moguel removes all tartar which is the main source of infection around the affected teeth, this procedure is also done under anesthesia to avoid pain & excessive bleeding while deep cleaning & root planning procedures
Antibiotics in the form of gels could be inserted by Dr. Moguel inside pockets to better disinfect these spaces after deep cleaning. In some cases, the dentist might also prescribe some oral rinses or antibiotics

Surgical Pocket Removal By Dr. Moguel

Under profound anesthesia, your dentist uses a scalpel to remove all the infected tissues, then he exposes root surfaces to do accurate scaling & root planning.

Soft Tissue Grafts Placed By Dr. Moguel

When marked gum recession is present, Dr. Moguel removes small tissues from the palate to cover the exposed surfaces of the teeth roots for cosmetic reasons, restoring proper gum contouring.

Periodontal Treatments

For mild cases, It would be better for you if you removed tartar & plaques in the early stages. Some treatments might be done for you in the early stages such as Scaling & root planning.

Root planing could be done by removing all tartar accumulated below the gumline using manual & ultrasonic instruments, this procedure is done under local anesthesia for better pain control.

Bone Grafts Placed By Dr. Moguel

When bone resorption is seen in the radiographs as a result of a periodontal disease, bone grafts are the ideal choice for you to restore the proper bone quality & density. The new bone supports the remaining teeth and saves your chances to do restorative treatments such as implants, dentures, and others.

Benefits of a Periodontal Treatment

  • Have a good bone quality & density
  • Be a great fit for implant placement
  • Preserve the health of the remaining teeth
  • Get a natural pink gum with a natural contour
  • Have a fresh breath & normal social life
  • Improve your oral health & do cosmetic dental treatments safely

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